Global Financial Partnerships in Microfinance (India, Peru and Tanzania) by: Ana Marr & Paola Tubaro

Achieving Our Goals Through Partnerships (Women's World Banking) by: Mary Ellen Iskenderian

Partnerships in Microfinance (Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges) by: Elisabeth Rhyne

Financiera Edyficar

BWDA/BFL by: Joslin Thambi

 Global Financial Partnerships in Microfinance


Challenges to the field and Solutions by Anton Simanowitz

Social Performance: Challenges & Solutions from a UK Perspective by Bernie Morgan

Strength of Weak Ties in Microfinance by Cornell Jackson

Microfinance Social Performance: A Panel Data Analysis by Sefa Awaworyi


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Microfinance Institutions: Financial sustainability and efficiency. By Francesco Guidi & Ana Marr

An Empirical Study of Microfinance Social Performance. By SefaAwaworyi & Ana Marr

Strength of Weak Ties in Microfinance. By Cornell Jackson